PFHour #2 Recap: Emergency Funds

by admin on March 30th, 2009

This is a brief recap of the second episode of the Personal Finance Hour, which focused on Emergency Funds. The show started with JD and Jim talking about how their emergency funds are set up, the considerations they used in determining how “big” to make it, how credit cards can be used to supplement it, and how you should remember to include insurance in your determinations. In the end, “Do what works for you!”

You can take a listen:

Blog Posts of the Week

Jim’s blog post of the week was Do you appreciate what you have?, a story about Gibble’s son’s experience volunteering at a homeless shelter. It’s a great story about how the big lessons in life are best taught first hand, rather than from a book or verbally in an abstract situation.

JD’s blog post of the week was The Simplicity Premium, in which Carl Richards describes how complexity is just a way to sell you More Stuff, and that even though simple financial products sometimes cost a little bit more, they’re often worth it.

Trivia Question

Who is this person?

  1. This person’s was on a writing team, at the Orange County Register, that won a Gerald Loeb Award for their coverage of the Comparator Systems penny stock scandal (1997).
  2. This person is a graduate of the certified financial planner training program at UC Irvine.
  3. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, this person is the most-read personal finance columnist on the Internet.

Please send in one guess per person to by noon April 6th to get a chance to win a special prize!

Next Week

Next week’s show will be about the Balanced Money Formula, featured in Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Tyagi’s All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan.

  1. Richie permalink

    Technical note:

    The volume level seemed really low on this podcast, but there was a loud hissing noise in the background. JD and the callers were especially low volume. Very hard to hear.

  2. admin permalink

    Thank you for the feedback, we’ll try to work on it for next week. I think JD will try Skype so that he will come in clearer, I think it’s an issue with his cell phone.

    - Jim

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